Oral Solid Dosage facility incorporates modern technological advancements with automated material handling systems and multilevel designs to enable gravity feed between processing stages. The building design has also allowed maximum engineering maintenance access without entering into the production areas. General Production Building or GPB is the main production building and used for bulk production of tablet & capsule and their packaging.

Medimet Pharma has a broad range of liquid formulations like syrups, suspension etc. and semisolid dosage forms including creams and ointments. At present Company has taken up expansion program along with further up gradation of the existing unit to meet the growing demand.

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A thick sticky liquid consisting of a concentrated solution of sugar and water with or without the addition of a flavoring agent or medicinal substance.

The manufacturing and packaging area consists of three separate sections-Non steroid Sterile (NSS), Steroid Sterile (SS) and Large Volume Parenterals (LVP). Each production area has separate entry and exit for man and materials. Different colored gown is used in different classified zone. Total production area is covered with a wide visitor corridor. To store sensitive materials, every production area has dedicated room. Entire production area is covered by fire and smoke detector and adequate firefighting equipment and expert fire fighting team. Every section of production floor has two emergency exits and the visitor corridor has four different stairs to move employee quickly in case of any emergency.